Capped DSL Data Rollover- 3 Months

Are you always disappointed by your unused data going to waste at the end of each month?

Wouldn’t you like your unused data to roll over to the next month, repeatedly?

At Hosking your data is your data!

How it works

No Throttling your DSL connection no matter how much data you use!

Unused Data gets rolled over.

Rollover of Data

Should you not use all of your purchased data within a month (1st to last day of each month); as a result, the unused data will carry over to the following month for a period of 3 months. As your data is exhausted the unused data from the oldest months accumulated data will be added to your service.

In other words, if you are to use your rollover data, you must first deplete your monthly allocated data, hence once the monthly allocation is depleted your rollover data will automatically become available.


If you have not used up all your data for June, July and August. In September you run out of data, we will automatically allocate the unused data from June to your data service first. If you deplete this data too, we will automatically allocate the unused data from July and if you deplete this, we will automatically allocate the data from August. If you reach the end of September and you only needed to use your rollover data from June and July, the unused data from August will be available to use in October.

Rollover of Data is only applicable to services which are paid up to date and are renewed monthly. If your debit order or credit card payment fails for any reason all data that has accumulated will fall away and will not be re-allocated on payment for the service. Should you cancel your service any accumulated data will fall away.

Our Capped DSL Data Packages ranges from

Per month

DSL Lines to match!

For more information visit our DSL Terms

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